About us

Mission, ambitions and role for Bibliotheca Baltica


  • Bibliotheca Baltica strives to make the cultural heritage of the Baltic Sea Region more visible and relevant.

Ambition and role

  • Bibliotheca Baltica is an association for all libraries with collections and programs of relevance for the heritage of the Baltic Sea Region.
  • Bibliotheca Baltica deems education, research, and literary production as areas worthy of special attention.
  • Bibliotheca Baltica works in conjunction with partners outside the library sector – private as well as public organizations (universities, literary organizations, corporations, etc.).
  • Bibliotheca Baltica advocates closer collaboration within in the Baltic Sea Region, and follows governmental recommendations on how to enhance such cooperation.
  • Bibliotheca Baltica organizes conferences and produces a newsletter.
  • Bibliotheca Baltica is an active partner in international digitization projects, not as a producer, but as an active mediator.
  • Bibliotheca Baltica is a bridge to other library organizations in Europe.

Goals for 2012

  1. Produce two newsletters to the members
  2. Plan the Tallinn Symposium 2012
  3. Organize a  Think Tank meeting to discuss new partners and future cooperation (took place on January 10)
  4. Cooperate more with Virtual Baltic Sea Library
  5. Create an active mailing list for communication and interaction with members
  6. Attract new members