Bibliotheca Baltica Travel Grant in Memory of Boris Volodin

Boris Fedorovich Volodin was a founding member of Bibliotheca Baltica and delivered papers for each of Bibliotheca Baltica’s symposia, giving his colleagues thorough information on the development in Russia with respect to the various conference themes. He died during his term as board member of Bibliotheca Baltica on May 16, 2005.

Boris Volodin had been working in the Research Department of Library Science at the National Library of Russia, for almost a quarter of a century.  As one of the leading specialists on international comparative studies in the fields of library science and library history, he was one of the most active representatives of his country at international conferences and in international organisations.

In order to commemorate his engagement for the cooperation of libraries in the Baltic region, Bibliotheca Baltica decided to issue the Boris Volodin Memorial Travel Grant,today named Bibliotheca Baltica Travel Grant in memory of Boris Volodin. It is designed to enable younger librarians from Bibliotheca Baltica’s member countries to participate in its symposia. The grant covers international travel costs and hotel costs.

Applicants should hand in an approximately 2 DIN A 4 summary describing their own professional view on the general theme of the symposium, addressing the question: “What does the symposium’s theme mean to your personal professional position and what interest would you have when participating?”

Eligible countries are Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, and Sweden.

Guidelines on how to apply for this grant for the 2018 symposium in Rostock will be announced here in due time.  You will need:

  • a summary of about 300 words as described above (to be expanded to a 4 DIN A4 essay by the recipient of the grant)
  • application form (in development)
  • estimation of travel costs and hotel expenses
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