Bibliotheca Baltica Travel Grant in memory of Boris Volodin

Boris Fedorovich Volodin, who was based at the Research Department of Library Science at the National Library of Russia for almost a quarter century, was a founding member of Bibliotheca Baltica and strong supporter of the Baltic Sea library network. Tragically, he died during his term as board member of Bibliotheca Baltica on May 16, 2005.

Honoring his achievement in support of library cooperation in the Baltic Sea region, Bibliotheca Baltica awards two Bibliotheca Baltica Travel Grants in memory of Boris Volodin to support the participation of two early career library and information professionals in its symposia. Anyone can apply, but applicants from countries that are not members of the Council of Baltic Sea States are asked to explain their professional interest in the Baltic Sea Region. The grants are 500 Euro each.

To apply, please send a brief application by e-mail to the secretary of Bibliotheca Baltica at the following address:

Please include the following information:

  • a summary of about 300 words as described above
  • application form (address, affiliation, bank details)

The application deadline is July 31st.

It is expected that recipients of the Bibliotheca Baltica Travel Grant in memory of Boris Volodin will communicate their symposium experience in their national or regional professional networks, through journal articles, blog posts or other social media activities.

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