Bibliotheca Baltica Board statements


The Board of Bibliotheca Baltica condemns the Russian war against Ukraine as well as the involvement of Belarus in this unprovoked and unjustified aggression in the strongest and most decisive terms.

The Board is convinced that both Russia and Belarus have thus themselves destroyed the basis for any cooperation which is at the very heart of Bibliotheca Baltica. At an extraordinary meeting on 16 March 2022 the Board has therefore decided to expel all member libraries from Russia and Belarus with immediate effect.

The Board recognizes, however, the brave individuals in Russia and Belarus who voice their opposition to the war and take tremendous risks in doing so. To show respect for these people the Board has also unanimously decided to retain the name of its travel grant for young professionals dedicated to Boris Volodin* as a sign of hope that one day cooperation and friendly exchange between all the libraries and librarians in the Baltic Sea Region will be possible again.


In an extraordinary meeting on 16 March 2022 the Board of Bibliotheca Baltica has extended an invitation to Ukrainian libraries and librarians to become involved in the work of Bibliotheca Baltica.

It has also decided to award the Boris Volodin Travel Grants* for young researchers wishing to attend its next symposium in Lübeck to Ukrainian applicants.

The Board also calls on its member libraries to spare no efforts in supporting Ukrainian colleagues and to become actively involved in efforts to save the Ukrainian cultural heritage as well as all relevant catalogues, inventories etc. in both physical and digital form.

*Boris Fedorovic Volodin (1950-2005) was an internationally recognized Russian librarian and library historian, who was actively involved in Bibliotheca Baltica until his premature death.

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